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622 Geneva Avenue
Blackwood, NJ 08012

License #: 13VH06564000

Family Owned & Operated


Before any work begins, Original Design Painting takes all necessary measures to protect all furnishings. Interior home painting require the we:

Protect surfaces and furnishings

We cove with plastic and move aside furniture to protect from all sort of dust and paint dripping. All small window and door hardware is masked to protect them as we work.


We repair all surface damages and picture frame hole prior to painting. We strip away old wall paper covering to ensure an even finish. After the plaster filled holes dry we sand to a smooth finish.

Apply Paint and special coatings

Primer are applied as necessary to ensure excellent paint adhesion. In some places where graffiti is a problem special primers are required before the actual painting may begin. Only the best rollers and paint brushes are use to ensure the least amount of dripping will occur.


As mentioned in our guarantee, we are a family owned business with many years painting homes and commercial properties. We know paints, especially exterior type paints an d coating to ensure long lasting results are experts in all types of paints, stains and wood preservatives. Our thorough process ensures that your house will remain looking beautiful long after the project is complete. We ensure that we meet all governing regulations regarding the removal of old lead based paints and asbestos material. Exterior home painting require that we:

Protect exterior surfaces and garden areas

We cover over close proximity plantings and dirt area with plastic drop cloths. And when the job is finished we ensure the area is thoroughly clean to the best of our ability.

Preparation of Exterior Surfaces

We sand blast any surfaces that may require such equipment and or we power wash the surfaces to ensure excellent paint adhesion. Some loose painted area may require scraping. Weather condition, location etc., will determine drying time and the type of painting material we can use. Each job site is unique.

Applying paint to exterior surfaces

Where required all questionable joints receive a weather protective caulking to prevent future moisture penetrating inside which can cause eventual degradation to the wood structure or masonry building. Large openings will be repaired as required and aluminum flashing applied where required