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622 Geneva Avenue
Blackwood, NJ 08012

License #: 13VH06564000

Family Owned & Operated

Painting Sequence

Our company specializes in repainting homes on both the interior and exterior. Our painters are trained to professionally mask off both interior and exterior painting jobs. When Original Design Painting does house painting in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. We always take pride in being able to paint your home or commercial building without getting paint on carpet, furniture, brick, or any surface that should not have paint on it. It takes superior preparation. That is our specialty!

You'll enjoy first-class quality service at super reasonable prices. Not all painting companies are created equal! Original Design Painting delivers the unique combination of superior quality, customer service and workmanship that others can only talk about. We're 100% insured and we're local.. right in your own neighborhood. Our superior painting process can't be beat... It is guaranteed! Choose Original Design Painting and reap the benefits of 15 years of professional painting experience.

Interior Painting

1. Setting Up

2. Prepping the surfaces

3. Paint Mixing & painting

4. Clean up

5. Final Inspection

Exterior Painting

1. Power Washing Exterior

2. Scraping, Priming and Minor Maintenance

3. Clean up

4. Final Inspection